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What to look for when choosing a Portable Air Compressor?

Air compressors are finding their usage in a wide range of situations. Not just these are being used in major manufacturing plants, but also in corner gas stations, home workshops, garages, basements, etc. These machines are instrumental in jobs like inflating pool toys and powering tools like nail guns, drills, sanders, impact wrenches, spray guns, staplers.

An air compressor uses an electric motor and gasoline to convert power into energy that is stored in compressed air. Two basic types of air compressors are Positive Displacement and Dynamic. Positive Displacement type compressors are found in household, small and medium sized industries while Dynamic type is used in very large manufacturing facilities.

Things to Consider While Buying a Compressor

Compressors are also distinguished by the size of the tank and the power of the motor which determines the type of tools the compressor can function with. Essentially, two varied kinds of air compressors come to market which are Piston-type compressors that work on a motor and builds up air pressure when it gets washed-out and Portable air compressors that do not have tanks, and can run continuously to deliver air. Portable air compressors are used to run Pneumatic nail guns, and framing guns but not enough for spray guns and sanders as these require more air.

Portable compressors are not very heavy and small enough to move from place to place at home, shop or a job site very easily. To select the right Portable Air Compressor for yourself as per your application, you should consider the following items:

  • Size: You should consider the tank size depending on the working environment. You may like to consider a unit powered by gas or electricity or an oil free machine subject to our application and requirement. Since, compressors are available in different size, design and tank capacity, it is pertinent to choose one that really matters. Few questions that really matter are: For what purpose the compressor is to use? Is there electricity supply? What are tools or applications the compressor needs to operate?
  • Capacity: Capacity of a compressor is measured in CFM (cubic feet/minute). Depending on your need, choose a compressor that has higher or lower CFM rating.High CFM rating means a compressor will be more powerful at once and vice versa. Higher CFM units are more feasible for large units. Portable air compressors generally range in volume from 90 to 1600 cfm.
  • Pressure: Consider the pressure of the compressor before selecting. Heavy duty machines require much more pressure and volume. A normal portable air compressor for airbrushing may require 100 psi of sustained air pressure for a 5-liter tank. The pressure of a compressor can also be derived from the specification and model name on the compressor unit.
  • Power: It is very necessary to look at the horsepower of a compressor. A common portable air compressor may not require much horsepower and can be below 1.5 HP. Air compressor with large HP is used for industrial purposes. For portable air compressors, CFM or PSIG (pounds per square inch gauge) is more important that horsepower.

Most of the light pneumatic tools or portable air compressor require a compressor with at least 100 psi. A good compressor dealer should be able to offer the requisite cfm for utility application and assist in determining suitable compressor size required to fulfill your job.


4 home improvement events you should attend in 2016

#1. UK concrete show


This show takes place on February 7th onwards to 18th at NEC Birmingham. This is where people come to here various advices, plans and opinions about home improvement. The event has expanded its mandate of just talking about construction to home improvement and it welcomes gurus from all over the world to come and give talks to the people. The show has the best messages especially to professional interior designers and people who would like to make their home look best at all times.

#2. Tool fair Manchester


From March 3rd to 4th March at the even city. This is the event that many people have not failed to attend because it covers all the home improvement needs. If you want to know how perfectly you can improve your kitchen, bathroom or sitting room, this is the best way to ensure that you have the best plan for your house. The good thing is that you can have direct face to face with the professionals. Info graphic materials are provided to the attendants regarding the various house and home improvement methods to ensure that one gets the best understanding on how to go about planning for his or her home.

#3. Eco-build


This is an event that takes place in London on March 8th and it focuses on building homes with the materials that are environmentally friendly at all times. It extends its duties to talk on the market trends of houses and how good the some houses are compared to others. €18,000,000 to get it.

#4. Home building and Renovation show

Takes place at Birmingham on April 14th to 17th every year. It talks about how you can rectify your old home and make it look modern or in any style you want without jeopardizing its quality.


3 tips on making your bedroom look even better

#1. Install perfect wardrobes and storage cabinets

Storage cabinets are the ones that enable you to arrange your things perfectly to promote the neatness of the house. You can only avoid the scattering of things in the bedroom by ensuring that you have sufficient storage materials that are going to make you store things perfectly. Wardrobes should have colored LED lighting and to be excellently furnished to ensure that is they promote the spellbinding appearance of the house. Well-fitting wardrobes make the bedroom look classic at all times.

#2. High density mattress and tender textured beddings.

You can buy the best mattress that is going to relieve you from the pressures as you sleep. The kind of beddings that you buy determines greatly how attractive or ugly your bedroom would be therefore make sure you choose well from color to the quality. Having a nice carpet and a welcome matt at the door could help reduce the amount of dust entering in the bedroom through the fits of the people that come there. Just ensure you wash the carpets regularly so that no sand particles accumulate in them.

#3. Sufficient ventilation

Consider looking at your windows especially for summer seasons. Ventilation is very important and it should be enhanced without compromising the privacy of your bedroom. This, it is going to be good to ensure that you look for a professional who is going to ensure that you get the best windows. Try to install fan or any mechanical ventilation objects. You can add some few art works on the walls but this should be done with moderation to avoid flooding the room with unnecessary materials that are going to be of no use to the appearance of the room.


How to find the best home improvement ideas for next summer?

Summer is a very hot season that people need to make sure that indoor ventilation and temperature regulation is perfect at all times. Below are some the ways on how you can get the best home improvement ideas for summer.

#1. Watch YouTube videos about summer home improvement.

This is the best way to ensure that you get exact procedures that would make you prepare your house for summer. It makes you to understand the cost, who to hire for your home improvement task and how best it can be done at all times.

#2. Read magazines

There are so many magazines and blogs online that talk about home improvement for the various seasons of the year. You can ensure that you grad one for yourself to find out the best home improvement that could be excellent for your home. The magazines does not have to be soft, you can subscribe to online magazines, they are not different and infect it would be easy for you to read them from your smartphone, desktops or IPad. Blogs can be followed to ensure that every idea that they post, you are there to learn what it says or talks about summer home improvements.

#3. Ask the experts directly.

You can decide to check the renovators and home designers. They have the perfect knowledge concerning all the home improvements methods at all times. Home interior designers are located in almost every town and they can assist a person to get the best ideas ever so that it becomes easy to pan for your home improvement. This is the best thing to ensure that you get typical plan for your home, which is going to directly improve your home to become more than luxurious.

#4. Google the keywords

There are so many websites dealing with home design which is a clear indication that there is information you can just copy from the websites.