#1. This Old House


This is a magazine that is written and printed on monthly basis. It is available as e-copy as well where people can have a look at the ideas and plans of home improvements. It has writings from the gurus of home improvement across the world with a budget estimation on every home.

#2. Ideas to enhance your home Lifestyle


This is a magazine that specifies on every part of the house and house it could be made better and perfect at all times. It is a good way to ensure that people who do not want to improve their whole house can have the perfect plans on their kitchen, bathroom, sitting room or other parts of the house. It has both drawings and pictures for the readers to easily understand all the plans and outlines that have been put in place at all times.

#3. Better homes and Gardens


This is an award winning magazine that has seen many people from across the world subscribing to it because of its reality plans that are easy to implement and follow. This magazine has contributions from the most thrilling designers who have the knowhow on how to design and implement house designs and interior decorations. It has played a critical role in revolutionizing the home improvement industry through its perfect and proven ideas.

#4. Family Handyman


This is one of the most reliable magazine that has been of help to many people owing to the fact that it has simple but unique ideas for all the home improvement needs. It is the best especially to middle class earners.